Founded the product (search engine) in the year of 2011. Launched Zoolley (beta) – The Search Engine in the year 2012.

We acquired Ayha Ad Network to step into the world of ad networks. Our acquisition of the London-based Ayha Network has given us a much-needed boost. This acquisition raised the revenue for the company with PPC traffic and spreading the business to 25 countries around the globe.

We also founded TwittyFeed for Story Sharing and Earning Platform for everyone with Facebook. Following the month, we developed Zool Viral Network for the demand for Facebook Traffic. Patent Expected

We have successfully developed the Native Ads Platform in 2016 called for serving quality traffic. With years of experience, we noticed the increase in demand for CPI, CPA, CPL, CPM, Video. So we updated our platforms to meet the needs. We made sure that each of our platforms is integrated with integral science which is the world’s renowned genuine traffic filter.

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