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Vertical Bike Parking System

Bicycle Vertical Mechanical Lift Mount

Recent years have seen, an unexpected momentum gaining pace. So to say, Bicycles are back in vogue and India is in the spotlight. World economic Forum published an article celebrating, “India’s cycling boom: Good for the air, the planet and the people.” Big cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Chandigarh saw red and green electric bikes gradually styling alongs roadsides. Analysed by Crisil Ratings ltd, India is witnessing a decadal high demand growth in bicycles.

In a country where air pollution killed 1.67 million in a year and which is the second largest manufacturer of cycles, this calling of cyclists seem like a perfect match for each other. Our country is one of the top leaders in climate action and cycling can further our strides in this direction manifold times. Staring at this monumental shift that awaits us we can foresee a future where cycling will be the new normal. However, the road to this reality goes through a valley of hurdles. One such hurdle is the infrastructural gap. A study conducted by institutes for Transportation and Development Policy forecasted that bicycling in the current post pandemic phase is set to increase by 50-60% across the country. And this is a blessing in disguise for India. However, if any such changes are waiting to happen in India, a linear infrastructure strengthening is required to set up a support base.

When cars were rolled out, a lot of our spaces were redesigned to be car friendly. These accommodated fuelling stations, parking spaces, roads and channels to make driving safer and easier. This sadly crunched out space for a lot of other modes of transportation, especially the bicycles. But with this rise in awareness of climate change and the learnings in the pandemic, came the pressing urgency to adopt cleaner alternatives. Pandemic also induced health consciousness among a lot of city dwellers who saw an easy workout potential in this activity. Once again, the cycle in your backyard came to be of immediate use. But as stated earlier, this transformation is not an easy one.

Parking and theft are one of the biggest roadblocks for this adoption and in the current setup both are also inextricably bound up. In addition to this, limited parking spaces discourage a lot of potential cyclists from taking up the activity. It is this concern for safety and the infrastructural gap that we at Mahto Group commit to cater to. We understand how dearly a consumer holds his valuables and also what are the interstices that need our attention. This is why, we designed this vertical bicycle parking mount, keeping in mind the requisites of not just the utilitarians but also the tech enthusiasts.

Our Vertical Bicycle mount is a mechanical device that allows you to park your cycle vertically. We are proud to share that this was the world’s first vertical bike parking system mount. Not only did it mark the beginning of this smart product in the market, it also brandishes highest quality in the most affordable price range. With minimum efforts and no heavy lifting you can mount your bicycle on this stand, making space in the most crunched of your parkings.

Our product is build with aluminium casing which can also be customised into Transparent fiber glass casing. The components are made of brass which along with use of aluminium in the mount’s body makes the product corrosion free.

Additionally Carbon steel dollies make mobility an ease game for this parking mount, rendering it and you speechless with the effortless movement. So assuring our customers, we can say that this product is a smarter choice for anyone who owns a bicycle and feels insecure while parking it or faces inadequacy of space.

Our focus in not on designing mere anti-dotes to theft or inadequacies but to ease the development of infrastructure which can smoothen the transition for consumers. This age and time prioritises comfort and ease on top of everything else. Therefore, we strongly believe every new sustainable alternative that the world tries to bring into vogue, should necessarily account for the customer’s convenience while curating the desired product for them. Drawing on the larger context, Mahto Corp stands for greener earth and we strive to create value chains that replicate the same principles.

It is the world’s first vertical bike parking system mount. After months of research and study, finally, the company is happy to announce that this is the world’s cheapest product in the vertical bike parking system.

The company has taken care of elegant looks as well as strength and durability.


– Aluminum casing (Transparent fiberglass casing also available)
– Brass components
– Carbon Steel Dolly
– Corrosion-free
– Noise-free
– 100% of mechanical components
– No electronic component
– Tested for 50,000+ repetition
– 1-year warranty

1700 mm x 170 mm x 60 mm
Sleek design and saves 40% of space.

Ideal for a corporate, innovation hub, kids, schools, home, etc.
Patent: Expected.

Vertical Bike Parking System