Electric Motorcycle

We are a company that has taken birth from Indian roots, grown on Indian soil and working to take India on the next level. We are here to ignite a revolution. One that is not discontinuous but an integrated process of bringing the trust back in Indian companies.

The concept of a motorbike is not something unique to our times but the roots of Mahto’s motorbike is unique for its inspiration. The concept stems from our creator’s subconscious being wired for this passionate creation since childhood. The zeal has been strong enough to hold such passion for years, working throughout to bring it to utmost justification.

Years of research and extensive development, brought this conceptualization into reality.
The creator, being a top ranking engineer and receiver of a prestigious scholarship abroad, consciously chose his country to pursue mechanical engineering. A keen eye on the latest technologies around the globe and a mission to advance India in the technological sphere, lead him onto a journey of deep learning and experimentation.

The motorbike concept is a culmination of multipronged experience in the automobile industry. Before the realization of his childhood passion, our creator researched on MR Fluid electronic damper system for Audi cars. This was later understood from the point of benefiting the national territory with this technology. Research paper in the direction and acing competitions at the national levels, the research drew acceptance from esteemed places like SAE and at berlin, Germany. Our founder has always been a visionary and expansion into diverse technology, deepened his understanding of mechanics. One branch was stretched into humanoid technology, which saw a successful output in the form of a 6ft. Tall Humanoid. This project too was acclaimed by experts and accepted for presentation at IEEE Singapore.
2017 was the year, when accumulated expertise was redirected to the EV industry. Rigorous research on vibrations, batteries, motors and designs was conducted to advance the development of EVs at Mahto. Research, an extensive understanding, experience and a first hand learning, lead to realization of his childhood dream and our country’s very own Mahto electric motorbike

We at Mahto MotoCorp are have started the R&D of an all Electric Motorcycle with the coolest specs in 2017.

Our team is curating the best design with futuristic features on the EV to match the vibe of young crowd across the globe. Expected to release the first prototype in 2024

You can also enquire/book a custom electric motorcycle for yourself, email us on support@mahtogroup.com

Mahto All Electric Motorcycles
Wireframe work of Mahto Electric Motorcycle
Mahto All Electric MotorCycles
3D Rendered Image of chassis.