Alpha Humanoid Robot

Biped Built-in Artificial Intelligence 6 Feet Humanoid Robot – Alpha 1.0

Made in India – Humanoid Robot for Multipurpose use.

It all began in the year of 2010 when a team of 30 students joined together to build a humanoid in Chennai.

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With the years to study and learning, finally, we’ve able to build a cost-effective working humanoid that can perform various functions. With the technology advancement over the period of last 10 years acted a great tool to be able to reach so far.

Youtube video of Alpha 1.0 Development Timeline.

This humanoid has been designed after years of research and analysis for multipurpose use – for example, hospitals, restaurants, kitchen, malls, airports, surveys, surveillance, etc.

This has a built-in Artificial Intelligence for human and faces recognition, identify their names and store them in the database. It has the ability to respond to voice-based commands and answer them based on the pre-defined set of Q&A.

Product Details

Place of OriginJashpur, Chhattisgarh, India
Warranty1 year
After-sales ServiceFree spare parts*, Field installation,
commissioning and training,
Brand nameMahto
Product NameAlpha 1.0
Total Weight 55 Kgs approx
Rated Power60 W
Product size350*250*1850 mm
Obstacle avoidance detection distance.4 m, (Optional 10 meters or demand)
Battery Capacity60 Ah
Application IndustryRestaurant, Cafe Shops, Hospitals, Shipment
Docks, Airports, Malls, School, Office, Warehouse,
Exhibitions etc.
ApplicationTeacher, Receptionist, Doorman, Waiter, Surveyer, Security, Transporter, etc.

Supply Ability

Supply Ability: 50 Units per Month Humanoid Robot

What do robots do in areas like hospitals?

Robots in medicine help by relieving medical personnel from routine tasks, that take their time away from more pressing responsibilities, and by making medical procedures safer and less costly for patients. They can also perform accurate surgery in tiny places and transport dangerous substances.

What do robots do in areas like restaurants/bars?

Robots can be programmed to do tasks such as delivering food and drinks to the tables and/or to cook the food. It can also work as a doorman or receptionist to welcome the guest and walk them through the premises.

How much will it cost?

The basic version of this Humanoid will cost in a range of $2,500 to $20,000

Advanced version costing is $50,000 or more.

Timeline picture gallery of humanoid development.

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