Mahto MotoCorp

Founded in 2017 by Manoj Kumar Mahto under the guidance of Mr. R. S. Ram (Father) – a mechanical engineering grad from SRM University, Chennai and ex-army personnel respectively in Chennai. Mahto MotoCorp is committed to innovating to serve humanity with eco-friendly, cool and smart products.

We began as a spin-off from SRM University, where we developed the first robot design that ran. Now we are taking the next step, combining the principles of dynamic control and balance with sophisticated mechanical designs, cutting-edge electronics, and software for perception, navigation, and intelligence. 

Mahto Group has an extraordinary technical team of engineers and scientists who seamlessly combine advanced analytical thinking with bold engineering and boots-in-the-mud practicality.

We pride ourselves in building machines that both break boundaries and work in the real world.

Mahto Innovations Pvt. Ltd. is a company formed in 2022 and that has fueled realization of futuristic technologies in India. Adding to the already burgeoning innovative space in the country, Mahto innovations is a place where emerging tech meet extraordinary minds..The company strives to lead the country in technological advancements especially in the field involving Humanoids, Drones, Electric vehicles, AI Cameras, Domes and Micro robots.

Mahto innovations goes beyond hardware and software, changing structures at their core. Manoj Mahto says “A lot of research and development is progressing in this field and continuous contributions from the young minds adds to the speed of advancement.” At Mahto innovation, there is an aim of developing an ecosystem that is all encompassing, connecting and a circular one where technology further our lives without damaging its surroundings and resources. Some of the pioneer projects undertaken by Mahto Innovations have pushed the company to the forefronts of innovation. These projects are at developmental stages and their launch is awaited with a wave curiosity building around. 


Standing with Hybrid Petrol and Battery Operated Formula Racing Car made by SRM University Students.

Mahto Micro Drone – AirBoat 1.0

Mahto Micro Drone - AirBoat 1.0

After months of planning, survey and R&D, we feel happy to announce our first drone of the series.

The basic features of our drones are – ABS Rigid Body (Palm Sized) with No Distortion 1080P 60fps Super WDR HD Wifi Camera, 3 axis Mechanical Gimbal, FOV 160 with Audio Support, FPV – up to 2 KM, VR Goggle Supported, 3300 mAh Battery Extendable up to 8000 mAh, 21.4 Minutes Flying Time, Front Direction Obstacle Sensing and GPS.

Our team has developed a unique drone as per the compliance of Indian and UK Drone Laws with dynamic vibration absorber. Here is the link of experiments CLICK HERE

The experiments have also been verified with AnSys and MatLab Results. This research alone took us 4 months to complete before we could even start with a drone.

ABS Plastic Body has been designed in AutoDesk Fusion. We have done simulation and rendered it well. Theoretical calculations have been made and compiled well to support our experiments and testing process. The virtual crash testing has been done and stress points have been dealt with.

While the electronics parts are well taken care of. Battery charging and safety were the priority.  Extensive studies were made in the past few months on the battery and relevant calculations. Battery charge and discharge cycles have been tested at our lab itself. Since this is a crucial part of our other projects like electric motorcycles.

The software and programming part of this drone has been done inhouse.

All Electric MotorCycle

We at Mahto MotoCorp are have started the R&D of an all Electric Motorcycle with the coolest specs in 2017. We are in the process to launch our first prototype in the year of 2024.

You can get more details by our team, email us on

Mahto All Electric Motorcycles
Wireframe work of Mahto Electric Motorcycle
Mahto All Electric MotorCycles
3D Rendered Image of chassis.


Current projects:

  1. Chassis Research & Design and Fabrication – SRM University.
  2. Battery Operated Car Air Conditioning system – DTU (Sign Up Stage).
  3. Smart Battery Cooling System – SRM University.
  4. R&D of Drones – Finished with a micro drone – Mahto AirBoat 1.0
  5. 6 Feet Multipurpose Biped Humanoid Robot Development with Artificial Intelligence

Smart Car AI-Based Parking System and Cyber Security

The company has also ventured into Smart Car AI-Based Parking System and Cyber Security via WEB and APP. The research project has commenced and the work is in full swing and submitted an international paper for a conference in Japan.

Biped Built-in Artificial Intelligence 6 Feet Humanoid Robot – Alpha 1.0

This humanoid has been designed for multipurpose use – for example, restaurants, kitchen, malls, airports, surveys, surveillance, etc.