About Mahto Group

Mahto Group is a group of companies formed after 14 years of research work by the founder and it is in the league of rapidly growing most innovative companies in the world. Founder and his mother are the only two directors of this company. It is anchored by an extraordinarily small force of staff, yet serves clients in more than 27 nations.

Mahto companies are end to end solutions provider for global clients right from Market Survey, Consulting, Research and Development of products, investments into strategic high growth products, prototyping and manufacturing. We have work on and built multiple innovation driven products so far like, drones, EV, geodesic dome based housing solutions, humanoid robots, micro robot for medical intravenous delivery for cancer patients, AI camera for 180 degree views for bikers safety etc.

We are a company that has taken birth from Indian roots, grown on Indian soil and working to take India on the next level. We are here to ignite a revolution. One that is not discontinuous but an integrated process of bringing the trust back in Indian companies.

The concept of a motorbike is not something unique to our times but the roots of electric motorbike is unique for its inspiration. The concept stems from our creator’s subconscious being wired for this passionate creation since childhood. The zeal has been strong enough to hold such passion for years, working throughout to bring it to utmost justification. Years of research and extensive development, brought this conceptualization into reality.

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